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  1. High-temperature Laser Zone Recrystallization
  2. Technical approach

    To produce SOI systems we use a method of laser zone-melting recrystallization of thin polysilicon films deposited on oxidized silicon wafers. This method is compared to widely known ion synthesis (SIMOX) and wafer bonding (WB, UNIBOND) methods. Besides, in this method, the silicon film subjected to laser beam treatment is covered by an insulator layer, which improves the quality of the recrystallized film and prevents it from the contamination after the laser treatment.
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  3. Magnetron sputtering facility
  4. With the magnetron sputtering setup we are able to perform a-SiC thin layers deposition.
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  5. RF plasma annealing

  6. Rapid Thermal Annealing (RTA) and Annealing Furnaces

  7. Gas flow thermal treatment